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Global Resources

The internet is awash with resources to help you measure, monitor and evaluate. This section’s ‘how to’ sites suit communities and not-for-profit organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you don’t find what you seek here, Google your key-words and follow your mouse.


Key Resources

Better Evaluation

This is an international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory.

It’s packed full of tips, guides, resources and links to help you gather evidence and evaluate it.

Rowntree Foundation

This is a short and easy-to-use guide to evaluating community projects (UK).

It includes step-by-step instructions with templates for each stage.

Guide to evaluating community projects (UK)

On this site you’ll find a down-to-earth, practical guide to evaluating community-based projects, drawn from interviews with people involved in them, and reviews of toolkits and guides.

UK site to support charities to evaluate and monitor their work

Specifically designed for third-sector organisations, this site provides practical guidance on how to plan, monitor and evaluate. It includes guidance on how to cost an evaluation, plus help on how to use IT effectively.

Evaluation for community organisations (Australia)

Step by step guides on this site explain the important aspects of evaluation for community organisations.

It also includes how to plan, collect, communicate and contract.

Indigenous Evaluation (US)

This has a list of evaluation resources for First Nations communities and organisations.

This list has been compiled by the National Indian Education Association.


Measuring outcomes guide book (US)

Here is a thorough and practical guide for non-profit organisations to measure their results so they can show their effectiveness and value.

Guide to evaluating projects for non-profit organisations (Canada)

There is help on this site for non-profit organisations to evaluate projects, and communicate and use the results. It’s there to help organisations evaluate projects using their own resources, and make evaluation a part of their project management and long-term development.

Basic guide to programme evaluation (USA)

This is a plain language, practical guide to evaluating a programme.


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